TalkingData of N5Capital’s pre-A portfolio announced the completion of a new round of financing of US $100 million丨N5·Future

Recently, TalkingData announced a new round of financing with a total amount of about US $100 million. This round of financing is funded by CR data Fund (big data technology application fund) of China resources capital. As a strategic investor, the funds raised in this round will focus on the iterative upgrading of TalkingData data intelligent platform products, improve the construction of industry customer sales and service system, so as to better meet the needs of enterprise customers for data intelligent products and services in the process of digital transformation, and further promote the collaboration between TalkingData and China Resources diversified industries.

Founder and CEO of TalkingData Cui Xiaobo said: “obtaining the leading investment of China resources capital will effectively strengthen the leading position of TalkingData  in the industry. The company will continue to explore the field of data intelligence, continuously explore the accumulation of technological innovation and application ability, comprehensively improve customer service ability, fully release business growth space, provide more efficient support for enterprise digital transformation and business development, and continuously contribute to the construction of Digital China Give strength. “

Strategic investors said that they continue to be optimistic about the field of enterprise services and data intelligence. After nearly 10 years of development,TalkingData has been in a leading position in the industry. It has many domestic large-scale traditional enterprises and Internet enterprise customers, and has accumulated rich experience in big data technology research and development and enterprise service.