N5Capital won the honor of top investment institution, consumer, enterprise service丨N5·Awards

Recently, , 36Kr, Jiemian Media and China Venture Capital Research Institute, which are influential platforms in venture capital industry, have released relevant lists.

N5Capital won the following Awards:

36Kr WISE “top 10 investment institutions in China Guochao new brand field in 2020”

Jiemian Media “top 50 of China’s top venture capital institutions in 2020”

China Venture Capital Research Institute “top 10 investment institutions in China’s best enterprise service field in 2020”

At the same time, the investment portfolio of FlashEx and KK  Group won the awards of ZERO2IPO Group “investment 2020 new consumption venture50”.

N5Capital was founded in 2013 and focuses on Series A investment in consumer technology and subsectors of infrastructure technology. N5Capital is a dual currency VC institution and has always adhered to an early stage and long-term value investment strategy. It is one of the few new generation VC institutions which adopted a contrarian investment methodology.

“To find real innovation driven startups early and assist them to become global leaders in each related sector” has been the mission of N5Capital since its foundation.   N5Capital focuses on the early investment of China’s science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship companies. At present, there are more than 80 investment portfolios, and its business area is mainly in China, as well as international cross-border extension. Representative investment portfolio: in the field of consumer science and Technology (to c), there are FlashEx, KK Group, HARMAY ,VivavVideo, LGD and Zhulogic in the field of infrastructure science and Technology (to b), there are 360 digital technology, TalkingData, Che300, MetroData Tech and other outstanding scientific and technological innovation enterprises.