N5capital won “edge top 50 investment institutions” of Tmtpost media and “top 10 early investment institutions” of 21CBN丨N5·Awards

The 2020 T-EDGE Global Innovation Conference was held in Beijing from December 18 to 20, 2020. Tmtpost media  released the 2020 T-EDGE awards global innovation evaluation list, and N5capital won the “2020 edge top 50 investment institution”.

Founded in 2010, the annual conference of China’s innovative capital was held in Zhuhai on December 17 under the guidance of Zhuhai Municipal People’s government and Nanfang finance and economics all media group. The 10th Annual Conference of China’s innovative capital was hosted by 21CBN report and 21CBN and economics app. At the conference, the list of “competitiveness of China’s equity investment in 2019-2020” was released, and N5capital won the title of “2019-2020” China’s top 10 early investment institutions of the year.