N5Capital won 9 honors including Lieyun.com and Parent Fund Alliance with its investment portfolios丨N5 · Awards


On December 8th , 2019, the “2019 China Parent Fund Annual Meeting”, sponsored by the China Venture Capital Committee and China Parent Fund Alliance and co-organized by the Parent Fund Research Center, was successfully concluded at the Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing. At the annual meeting, N5Capital was awarded the “2019 China’s Top 50 Early Stage Investment Fund” and “2019 Top 100 China’s Best Venture Capital” by the China Parent Fund Alliance. Mr. Jiang Yiwei was awarded the “2019 Top 50 Founding Partners of China’s Most Popular Funds”.


Lieyun.com’s 2019 CEO Summit and Venture Capital Awards Ceremony was grandly held at the Hyatt Regency Beijing Wangjing on December 10th -11th , bringing together nearly a hundred well-known capitalists, unicorn founders, entrepreneurial figures and nearly a thousand investors and entrepreneurs. N5Capital was awarded “2019 Top 10 Investment Institutions in the field of new consumer” and “2019 Top 10 Investment Institutions in the field of supply chain” by Lieyun.com. Mr. Jiang Yiwei, founding partner of N5Capital, was awarded “2019 TOP20 Most Influential Investors”.


It is worth mentioning that N5Capital’s investment portfolio of 360 Finance, FlashEx, and KK Group have been awarded the “Top 10 Most Influential Innovative Companies in the Fintech Industry of the Year 2019” -360 Finance and “Top 10 Most Influential Innovative Companies in the Field of Smart Logistics of the Year 2019″-FlashEx,” TOP 20 Most Influential Innovative Companies in the New Consumption Era “-KK Group.


The second from the left is Jiang Yiwei, founding partner of N5Capital, attending the Summit Forum

N5Capital’s founding partner Jiang Yiwei said at the Lieyun.com “New Trends of Venture Capital Development Under the New Normal” summit forum, “N5Capital has not slowed down its investment rhythm this year. We has invested about 14 projects and committed USD 100 million. The next two years, we will all be in such an active state. “When talking about economic cycles and venture capital trends, Jiang Yiwei ’s advices to entrepreneurs are:


1. Entrepreneurs should not consider the cycle issue. The economic environment is a general trend. Do business well, manage cash flow, and manage human effectiveness. Entrepreneurs stormed the scale in the past. Today, there are many zombie unicorns. This is not right; Balance is what matters, and there is always a balance between scale and profit.


2. Entrepreneurs should be careful not to start a company by relying solely on a product manager. Entrepreneurs need to understand economic models, gather industrial resources, and use technology to save costs and improve efficiency. The biggest difference between the past two years is that capital flows to the industry’s No.1 enterprise, and it is difficult for the No.2 enterprise to get funding, so entrepreneurship must try to be the top one.