N5Capital Awarded "2017 China’s Top 50 Early Stage Investment Funds"

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On November 5, the China Private Equity Summit 2017 was ceremoniously held in Beijing. The Summit was jointly hosted by PeopleCapital.cn, Wiser VC, 36KR.com, China-fof.com and the Leading Investment Management Co. The summit officially published the list of “2017 China Private Equity Funds Rankings-Jinhui Award”.。

N5 Capital won the honorary title of “2017 China’s Top 50 Early Stage Investment Funds”.


“The “China Private Equity Rankings” gained wide attention since its release at the first China Private Equity Summit held on November 6, 2016. It is one of China’s most authoritative PE fund rankings. The Jinhui Award considers corporate social responsibility in its ranking and enjoys a high public credibility. The China Private Equity Summit finalized the rankings by referring to the scores from China’s 68 leading parent funds, 8 associations (alliances), 6 FAs, 12 mainstream PE media and related 36KR-Jing Data. The China’s 68 leading parent funds have comprehensive data of China’s parent fund and fund industry, in particular the data of leading parent funds and fund institutions. Together with the participation of the associations (alliances), FAs, investment media and other third-party institutions, it makes the “Jinhui Award” an authoritative award.