Happy Mounsey, the leader of new tourism infrastructure, announced the completion of N5Capital’s sole investment of RMB 50 million in Series A financing

On June 15, Happy Mounsey, an Internet travel company focused on the lower-tier cities, officially announced the completion of RMB 50 million Series A financing, invested by N5Capital alone. This round of financing will be used to upgrade and improve the R2B2C digital system, expand the market share of offline physical stores nationwide, and introduce high-end talents.


The Happy Mounsey travel brand was founded in 2018. The core team is from well-known offline tourism companies, OTA and Internet companies, with an average accumulated tourism experience of more than 10 years and combined practical experience in the operation and management of scenic spots, product routes and travel agencies. The R2B2C tourism resource trading platform independently developed by Happy Mounsey fully links the upstream supply chain resources of the tourism industry and downstream distribution channels, digitizes the fragmented supply side, and can support more than 20,000 tourism product suppliers and millions tourism routes and related tourism products. According to the differences in the regions and customer groups of the sales terminals, it supports more than 100,000 travel business offices for personalized distribution. At present, the platform has more than 100,000 SKU and group tour routes from more than 5,000 high-quality tourism product core suppliers and more than 100,000 fragmented tourism products.


The R2B2C tourism resource trading platform uses big data, AI and blockchain technology to help its branches and business departments realize supply chain platformization, electronic financial management, personalized channel services, standardized operation management, and product creation. On the basis of this, it will enable three-dimensional brand marketing on the Happy Mounsey brand platform, match precise sales channels, and efficiently connect tourism customer resources.


The epidemic has accelerated the reshuffling of the tourism industry. Happy Mounsey’s brand covers the country’s channel markets and operates under a standardized partner model, that is, a unified brand, a unified platform, and a unified standard, which can reduce costs. It has the advantages of high efficiency and strong anti-risk ability, maintains continuous and healthy cash flow, and accelerates the expansion of high-quality sales department during the epidemic period, the addition of Happy Home Mini Program Mall, live broadcast agency sales and other multi-dimensional methods, laying the foundation for the peak season of tourism recovery in the second half of 2020.


Wang Tao, co-founder of Happy Mounsey, said, “With its partner model + Internet technology empowerment model, Happy Mounsey has strong flexibility and cost control. The impact it receives is much lower than other companies in the same industry, reflecting its unique business model advantages. In the cold winter of the industry, ensure the safety of cash flow, seize the strategic opportunity period of low-cost expansion, and accelerate the national layout. It is planned to develop 150 subsidiaries and 10,000 sales departments in 2022, forming a super large-scale tourism private domain traffic entrance and tourism new infrastructure’ system.” According to Wang Tao, in the near future, Happy Mounsey will also formally cooperate with several major OTAs to complete online and offline mutual empowerment, resource sharing, channel sharing, and information sharing, enables the tourism resource end and the distribution end to form an interdependent and benign ecological supply-demand relationship, and by reducing multiple transaction links, users can obtain more cost-effective products and improve the comprehensive service level and service efficiency.


According to Pu Junchen, managing director of N5Capital, the investment in Happy Mounsey Tourism has two unique advantages: one is R2B2C trading platform of Happy Mounsey, which can improve efficiency, reduce cost and improve capital conversion rate through AI and big data system, so as to realize intelligent resource sharing in the tourism field; the other is the partnership business model, which is conducive to the rapid expansion of the distribution business department and the expansion of sales channels and revenues at a lower cost.


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