Faith in the Power of Innovation

In 2017, China’s equity investment industry grew increasingly steadily amidst constant changes and fluctuations. What is the current situation of the equity investment market? What experience is worth further exploring and sharing? What will be the direction in 2018? In the next year, how will VC and PE strategies change? What business legends will be staged in the industry?

On December 6-8th 2017, the 17th China Equity Investment Annual Forum hosted by Zero2IPO Group and PE Daily was held at Park Hyatt Beijing. The forum, with the theme of “Our New Era”, gathered giants and elites from the investment community and made an in-depth analysis of the trend, strategies and other aspects of the industry.

Mr. Eason Liu, a N5Capital partner and VIP guest, attended the roundtable discussion on how to invest in the pan-entertainment sector and shared N5Capital’s views on investment strategy in the pan-entertainment industry.

The following is an extract from his speech:

“N5Capital’s investment strategy in the field of pan-entertainment is emphasizing intellectual property in improving the profit margin and cost structure of related consumption industries, as we are optimistic about the entertainment culture. On such basis, N5Capital has invested in China’s leading drag racing brand Fast4ward. As a new representative of automobile competition, Fast4ward has attracted a group of China’s young people with the strongest enthusiasm in racing car culture. Sustained by an automobile industry valued at trillions, N5Capital is convinced that the enthusiasts of the competitions will constitute a tremendous potential in auto consumption market in the future. Meanwhile, in order to meet the need of post-1990 and post-2000 youth demographics for new type of entertainment, N5Capital also invested in LGD, Rent2Play and other eSports-related projects. In 2018, N5Capital will continue to expand its presence in the field of entertainment and identify the early-stage enterprises with real value.